Who is the Earth 3 speedster?

Who is the Earth 3 speedster?

Jason “Jay” Garrick is a veteran speedster from Earth-3 and a vigilante known as the Flash, stylized as the Crimson Comet.

Who is the Flash of Earth 4?

Barry Allen
Barry Allen (Earth-4)

What episode does the Flash go to Earth-3?

Crisis on Earth-X

“Crisis on Earth-X”
Part 3: The Flash
Episode title “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3”
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 8
Directed by Dermott Downs

Who’s the new Flash on Earth-3?

Jay Garrick operated as the Flash on Earth-3.

How many Barry Allen’s are there?

Thus far, at least five different characters—each of whom somehow gained the power of “the Speed Force”—have assumed the mantle of the Flash in DC’s history: college athlete Jay Garrick (1940–1951, 1961–2011, 2017–present), forensic scientist Barry Allen (1956–1985, 2008–present), Barry’s nephew Wally West (1986–2011.

Are Titans on Earth-Prime?

Not only are The Flash, Supergirl and Black Lightning’s worlds all on one Earth, renamed Earth-Prime, but the other Earths are occupied by other DC TV shows and movies. Of the DC Universe series, Stargirl is set on Earth-2, Titans is set on Earth-9, Swamp Thing is set on Earth-19 and Doom Patrol is set on Earth-21.

Are there girl speedsters?

There are many female speedsters, well known and obscure, in the DC Universe. Nothing we know about Jay Garrick’s speedster trainee (we don’t know much) signifies any connection with speedsters like Sela Allen, Danica Williams (from Justice League Unlimited), Lady Flash of Earth-33, and of course Liberty Belle.

Who is the girl in speedster 3?

Aside from Iris West (who will debut as a speedster next episode), the newly mentioned Flash on Earth 3, Barry Allen, Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick, other well-intentioned speedsters in the Arrowverse include Kid Flash (now on Legends) and Accelerated Man.

Who is Earth-9?

In the DC Comics, Earth-9, formerly Earth-97 during Pre-Crisis, is the universe where Lia Nelson, a heroine known as the Flash, originated.

How many Earths are left after Crisis?

Following the Crisis, with the multiverse having been reborn and multiple Earths being merged, there are changes from the original multiverse. According to Gideon, there are about 3.725 trillion changes to reality as a result of the Crisis.

Does Earth-2 have a flash?

Jay Garrick is a speedster and a member of the Wonders of the World on Earth 2 as The Flash.