Who is the longest Smackdown WWE Champion?

Who is the longest Smackdown WWE Champion?

Bruno Sammartino
The longest reigning champion is Bruno Sammartino, who held the title from May 17, 1963, to January 18, 1971, for a total of 2,803 days (7 years, 8 months, and 1 day); Sammartino also holds the record for longest combined reign at 4,040 days.

What is the longest universal title reign in WWE history?

Roman Reigns
WWE Universal Championship

Longest reign Roman Reigns (2nd reign, 645+ days)
Shortest reign Finn Bálor (22 hours)
Oldest champion Goldberg (53 years, 62 days)
Youngest champion Kevin Owens (32 years, 114 days)

Who was the WWE Champion in December 2008?

List of WWE Champions

Champion Date Event
Randy Orton October 7, 2007 No Mercy
Triple H April 27, 2008 Backlash
Edge November 23, 2008 Survivor Series
Jeff Hardy December 14, 2008 Armageddon

Who was the WWE Champion in 2011 December?

Alberto Del Rio (New WWE Champion)

Who is the second longest WWE champion?

Let’s look at the Top 10 Longest reigning WWE champions of all time.

  • Bruno Sammartino (2803 Days): Advertisement.
  • Bob Backlund (2135 Days):
  • Hulk Hogan (1474 Days):
  • Bruno Sammartino (1237 Days):
  • Pedro Morales (1027 Days):
  • CM Punk (434 Days):
  • John Cena (380 Days):
  • AJ Styles (371 Days):

What is Roman Reigns longest title reign?

Longest Single Reigning Universal Champions

Champion Event Days
Roman Reigns Payback 664+ Days[Current Champion]
Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 33 503 Days
Kevin Owens Raw 188 Days
Brock Lesnar Crown Jewel 156 Days

Who has the WWE title the longest?

Famer Bruno Sammartino
The longest WWE championship reign belongs to Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino, who held the the title from May 17, 1963 until Jan. 18, 1971 for a grand total of 2,803 days. Sammartino actually makes the list twice, as he had the fourth-longest title reign as well!

Who is the most successful wrestler in WWE history?

The Rock is without doubt the WWE’s most successful superstar outside of the ring.

What wrestler has the most wins?

1 John Cena: 1743 Wins The 16-time WWE Champion lived up to the expectations and went on to be the face of the promotion for over a decade. Cena holds the record for the most wins in the company’s history with 1743 victories, out of the 2198 matches he competed in so far.

Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion?

The 10 Longest Reigning Champions in WWE History 1 Hulk Hogan – almost 6 years (2,185 days) 2 Bob Backlund – almost 6 years (2,138 days) 3 John Cena – 3+ Years (1,395 days) 4 Randy Orton – over 2 years (793 days) 5 Bret Hart – almost 2 years (654 days) 6 Brock Lesnar – 577 days More

Who was the first WWE Thousand-Days champion?

The super-exclusive thousand-days club begins with WWE Hall of Famer Pedro Morales, who held the prize from early 1971 to late 1973. Try this fun bit of trivia: The Superstar who defeated Morales for the title was Stan Stasiak, father of former WWE Superstar Shawn.

What was Hulk’s longest title reign in the WWE?

Hulk’s first title reign was his longest. He beat the Iron Sheik in 1984 and held the title until 1988. During his time in WCW, he was their champion for approximately 3 calendar years. 03

How long has the WWE Championship been around?

The WWE Championship was first established in 1963 and has survived across many generations of wrestling. The early years of the organization were definitely different than modern times, where one of pro wrestling’s most iconic wrestlers held the title for a jaw-dropping 11 years.