Who is Uncle Bob cop?

Who is Uncle Bob cop?

New Orleans, LA – Lil Wayne will always remember Robert Hoobler a.k.a. “Uncle Bob,” the former New Orleans police officer who saved his life as a kid after he attempted suicide — so much so he reportedly offered Bob financial support years later.

Who saved Lil Wayne when he was 12?

8/17/2021 1:00 AM PT. Lil Wayne’s never forgotten “Uncle Bob” — the former New Orleans police officer who saved his life when he attempted suicide at age 12 — and he’s told him he’s got his back for life if he ever needs anything.

Who does Lil Wayne listen to?

For me, you got Anita Baker, Keith Sweat, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Tech N9ne. If you wanna call that Hip-Hop, Judas Priest, Lamb of God, Nirvana, and Blink-182,” says the New Orleans rapper. Lil Wayne admits to only listening to his old music when it’s time to rehearse for a show.

Is Nicki Minaj married to Lil Wayne?

Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne’s relationship today Minaj is a married woman with a child today and has only released music in dribbles since her 2018 album Queen. But her relationship with Wayne is as strong as ever.

What did Lil Wayne do to the cop that saved him?

Lil Wayne recently opened up about his mental health struggles as a kid and the incident with “Uncle Bob” when he was 12. Lil Wayne now admits he intentionally shot himself in the chest — for years, it was believed to be an accidental shooting — and Bob was the cop who came to his rescue, refusing to let him die.

Who is the cop that saved Lil Waynes life?

Cop Who Saved Lil Wayne’s Life as a Child Says Rapper Has Offered Him Financial Assistance. Lil Wayne is forever grateful to “Uncle Bob”—the police officer who saved his life after a childhood suicide attempt—and he’s made sure to make that clear.

Does Lil Wayne only listen to his own music?

In a recent interview with Bumbu Room, rapper Lil Wayne confessed that when it comes to Hip- Hop, he only listens to himself. “I listen to music that’s not hip-hop all the time because I don’t listen to no other hip-hop but my damn self. And I only listen to myself.