Who is Wolfgang Halbig?

Who is Wolfgang Halbig?

People all over the state of Florida, and across his own neighborhood, recognize Wolfgang Halbig as the broken-down old fool who has burned every bridge he ever crossed in life, and who occasionally is cause for a camera crew to visit, just to get a picture of one of the most loathed human beings in America.

What happened to Wolfgang Halbig’s son?

May 3, 2001: Wolfgang Halbig’s son Erik Halbig is arrested, apparently while drunk (underage) and in possession of marijuana. Again, he is found to be driving with a suspended license [LINK]

Did Wolfgang Halbig become unhinged at NAACP event?

September 30, 2010: A user claiming to be Wolfgang Halbig comments on the article claiming that Wolfgang had become “unhinged” at NAACP event. The user explains that the confrontation at the event occurred when Halbig called out another candidate for having supposedly put up signage in the predominately black community only the night before.

Is Wolfgang Halbig the notorious Sandy Hook tormentor?

That morning and for the next several weeks, the national news published numerous articles targeted at Wolfgang’s reputation by referencing Wolfgang Halbig as the “Sandy Hook Denier” and as the “Notorious Sandy Hook Tormentor.” National headlines claimed, “Sandy Hook Denier Charged with having the personal ID of Victim’s Dad.”

What happened to Erik Halbig?

Apr 4 2005 – Erik Halbig’s reign of terror continues: Wolfgang Halbig’s dangerously violent son is arrested yet again, this time for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and felony battery. April 26, 2005, Halbig is listed under “PERSONNEL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR REAPPOINTMENT FOR 2005-06” as Assistant Principal at Sanford Middle School.

Is Halbig an educational consultant?

It is a general application, and under “Position” Halbig enters “Educational Consultant.” October 7, 2012: A comment is posted under the name “Wolfgang Halbig” on an ABCnews article about President Obama: [LINK] OBAM HATES THE JEWS AND DOES NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THAT JERUSALEM IS THE CAPITAL.

Who is Halbig and why does he matter?

Halbig, on the other hand, is a naturalized American citizen from Germany who has lived in Lake County for less than six years. Halbig has not established any public position on housing in Lake County, which is why the Halbig recommendation by the Realtors Association can only be described as a slap in the face to Atkins.

Where is Halbig’s private information?

July 12, 2005: Halbig is noted as having moved, and his private information is found in a box full of documents at his old apartment complex, completely unprotected. [LINK]

What is the lawsuit against Wolfgang Halbig about?

The suit claims that Defendant’s unlawful acts caused damage to Wolfgang Halbig. Halbig alleges they conspired, planned, and designed their actions to embarrass him publicly, damage him economically, silence his FOIA inquiries, and silence his investigations directed to government agencies.

When did Wolfgang Halbig have an affair?

April 2005 (approximate) – Wolfgang Halbig has an affair, lasting two weeks and in some way requiring or resulting in a Cialis prescription: June 14 2005: Wolf sues his mother’s insurance company.

Who is Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook hoax?

The well-known con man and fraud, Wolfgang Halbig, is on a mission. As the leader of the Sandy Hook Hoaxers, one of his schemes is to claim there are a number of “questions” that those impacted by the Sandy Hook case have not answered.

Who are the founders of Halbig law firm?

One of the founders of the Florida firm, Wolfgang W. Halbig, worked in neighboring Seminole County. Smith and Halbig said yesterday that they had not met or spoken until after the contract was awarded. But parent Tracey Hess, whose husband, Curt, administers the Web site, said she and others have drawn their own conclusions.

Who are Halbig and Atkins?

Atkins, a lifelong resident of Lake County, has taken very pro-realtor positions such as encouraging incentives to have seniors fill foreclosures and a plan re-establishing Lake County as a retirement destination. Halbig, on the other hand, is a naturalized American citizen from Germany who has lived in Lake County for less than six years.