Who makes Koken tools?

Who makes Koken tools?


Company Ko-ken Tool Co., Ltd.
Address 656 Nakaho, Kakegawa-City, Shizuoka-Pref., 437-1402 Japan
Foundation December 15th 1946
Establishment August 1st. 1959

Where is Koken from?

Founded: May, 1943
Local Offices: 16 cities across Japan
Showroom: Tokyo , Nagoya , Osaka & Kyushyu
Affiliated Company:

Where are Koken sockets made?

Koken sockets made in japan by far my favorite socket brand.

Does Koken make SAE sockets?

The Koken 3206A | 3/8″ Sq. Drive, SAE Socket Set is available to order online.

Who owns Koken?

We are the North American Source of Ko-ken Tools from Japan. Our parent company, Ko-ken Tools, is a fourth generation family owned and operated business in Japan, with 140+ employees. The focus of the business is entirely on Sockets and Socket wrenches.

What is Koken in Japan?

(transitive, intransitive) to cook, boil. (intransitive, figuratively) to seethe, boil with anger.

What did Empress Koken do?

Empress Kōken was involved in an affair with priest Dōkyō and appointed him Grand Minister in 764. In 766, he was promoted to Hōō (priestly emperor) and in 770 had tried to ascend the throne by himself. The death of the Empress and resistance from the aristocracy destroyed his plans.

What did Empress meisho do?

Empress Meishō (明正天皇, Meishō-tennō, January 9, 1624 – December 4, 1696) was the 109th monarch of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. Her reign lasted from 1629 to 1643. In the history of Japan, Meishō was the seventh of eight women to become empress regnant.

What did Emperor kammu do?

Kammu issued an edict that limited the construction of new Buddhist buildings, the entrance of people into monasteries, and the sale or donation of land to Buddhist institutions. Kammu, who himself was a devout Buddhist, supported the growth of two new Buddhist sects that opposed the older groups.

What is meisho in Japanese?

Meisho (名所, lit. “famous places”) originally referred to sites in Japan famous for their associations with specific poetic or literary references. With the development of woodblock printing and newer styles of tourism during the Edo period, the term came to denote a wider range of places of interest.

Were there any Japanese empresses?

The eight historical empresses regnant are: Nukatabe, Empress Suiko (推古天皇 Suiko Tennō) was the 33rd empress of Japan from 593 until 628, according to the traditional order of succession, and the first historically attested woman to hold this position.

Who was the strongest emperor in Japan?

Enthroned in 781 as the emperor Kammu, he was one of the strongest rulers Japan had known for several centuries.

How did the Fujiwara family gain power?

The family’s primary strategy for central influence was through the marrying of Fujiwara daughters to emperors. Through this, the Fujiwara would gain influence over the next emperor who would, according to family tradition of that time, be raised in the household of his mother’s side and owe loyalty to his grandfather.

Can Princess Aiko become empress?

Princess Aiko, the only child of Japan’s Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, came of age last month as she turned 20. Despite her royal lineage, Aiko may never ascend to the throne. Japanese consistently tell poll after poll they would be happy with a female emperor or an emperor descended from the female line.

Whats the strongest clan in Japan?

The Fujiwara clan is one of the oldest and most powerful families in all of Japanese history. From the Nara through the Heian Period, this one family had an unshakable amount of power.