Who owns Jive Software?

Who owns Jive Software?

Aurea Software, Inc.Jive Software / Parent organization

What happened to Jive?

Collaboration software company Jive to be acquired by Aurea for $462 million. Jive, a community collaboration software company that was one of the biggest Enterprise 2.0-era success stories, going public in 2011, announced today it had agreed to be acquired by ESW Capital’s Wave Systems for $462 million.

Who started Jive?

History. Matt Tucker and Bill Lynch founded Jive in 2001 in Iowa; the company relocated to New York later that year.

How much is Jive worth?

Jive Software Acquired for $462 Million, Will Join Aurea.

Is Jive Software a public company?

Jive went public in December 2011 amid a surge in investor enthusiasm for social networking stocks, and the offering valued Jive at nearly $900 million.

Where does Jive come from?

The jive is a dance style that originated in the United States from African Americans in the early 1930s. The name of the dance comes from the name of a form of African-American vernacular slang, popularized in the 1930s by the publication of a dictionary by Cab Calloway, the famous jazz bandleader and singer.

What is Jive technology?

Jive uses machine learning technology to connect people, content and assets seamlessly on a single digital platform. This helps organizations strengthen company culture, increase productivity and foster growth.

What is jive phone?

Jive is a cloud-based phone software that allows users to make or receive calls from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Who owns SoftBev?

SoftBev is owned by MIF Holdings (Pty) Ltd; Bowler Metcalf Ltd; Sarang Trust; Hope of Constantia Trust; Sharief Parker; Michael brain; and Maspark Sales & Marketing (Pty) Ltd. All these are private individuals and companies are South African.

Who founded Cooee?

Alexander is Co-Founder and CEO of Club Cooee a purpose built metaverse where users use their diverse avatars to party and connect in lively 3D places. Alex is a serial entrepreneur and veteran game developer on Amiga, PC, PS2 and XBox.

When did Jive Software go public?

December 2011
Jive went public in December 2011 amid a surge in investor enthusiasm for social networking stocks, and the offering valued Jive at nearly $900 million. The stock shot up soon afterward, and in 2012 investors valued the company at more than $1.5 billion.

Who is the CEO of Jive Records?

Barry Weiss –
Barry Weiss – CEO – Jive Records | LinkedIn.

Is Britney still signed to Jive?

In what will serve to be one of the music industry’s most prolific stories of the year, Britney Spears has been confirmed to be leaving record label of many years, JIVE. She will now become an artist solely signed to the RCA Music Group which was formerly a half of the RCA/JIVE label group…

How did jive become popular?

Jive first rose to popularity as a Black American social dance in jazz dance halls and swing clubs in the United States in the early twentieth century. Its name is derived from “jive talk,” which was a vernacular slang term used in the Black community at the time meaning “deceptive talk.”

What is jive app?

Jive’s Interactive Intranet and collaboration hub provides one place for your employees to connect, communicate and work together. Even better, that “place” is wherever your users are. With the Jive Daily mobile intranet app, they can tap the full power of Jive – anytime and anywhere.

What is jive VOIP?

What is jive site?

Jive is a social networking platform for business applications. Jive has described itself as “the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business.” Essentially a secure intranet, Jive is software that allows coworkers to connect with one another and collaborate on all things business.

Is Jive a VoIP?

Jive Voice Calls With Jive’s VoIP phone system, you can take business calls anywhere, at any time. Compatible with over 180 desk phone models, your existing hardware won’t go to waste.