Who owns the Sunday Mirror?

Who owns the Sunday Mirror?

Reach plc
It had an average daily print circulation of 716,923 in December 2016, dropping to 587,803 the following year. Its Sunday sister paper is the Sunday Mirror….Daily Mirror.

Front page on 9 March 2017
Format Red top
Owner(s) Reach plc
Editor Alison Phillips
Founded 2 November 1903

Is the Sunday Mirror a tabloid?

The Sunday Mirror is its sister paper, which was founded in 1915 and was originally called “The Sunday Pictorial”. Although printed in tabloid format since formation, the Sunday Pictorial was aimed at the conservative middle classes and thus contained features on fashion and society.

Does the Sunday Mirror have a magazine?

The Sunday Mirror is to launch a new magazine called Notebook boasting a strapline slogan: “A lot of what you fancy…” The first issue, with Cheryl Cole on the cover, will be published on 9 June. It replaces the paper’s 10-year-old Celebs on Sunday magazine.

How much does the Sunday Mirror cost 2020?

Trinity Mirror’s Sunday Mirror and Sunday People are raising their cover price by 10p to £1.10, while the cost of the Observer will increase 20p to £2.70.

How much is the Daily Mirror 2021?

From Monday 1st February 2021 the Daily Mirror Monday-Friday edition will have a price increase by 5p to 90p in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland will also see a price increase to their Monday-Friday edition of the Daily Mirror from the 1 February, by 5p to 95p.

Who is editor of Sunday Mirror?

Features Editor of the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday People.

How much does a Daily Mirror cost?

From Monday (2 May), weekday editions of the Mirror will increase by 5p to £1, with the Saturday edition increasing from £1.60 to £1.70. In Scotland, weekday editions will go up to £1.10. The same increases of 5p and 10p apply to the Daily Star. Both papers are produced by Reach, formerly known as Trinity Mirror.

When did Sunday Mirror go up in price?

May 16
On Sunday May 16, the cover price of the two newspapers will go up by 10p to £1.90.

Who owns the reach PLC?

Before 2018, Reach plc was known as Trinity Mirror plc. The list includes titles owned by the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), and those owned by both M.E.N Media and S&B Media, after both companies were purchased by Trinity Mirror as GMG Regional Media from the Guardian Media Group in 2010.

When did the Sunday Pictorial become the Sunday Mirror?

The Sunday Mirror is the Sunday sister paper of the Daily Mirror. It began life in 1915 as the Sunday Pictorial and was renamed the Sunday Mirror in 1963. In 2016 it had an average weekly circulation of 620,861, dropping markedly to 505,508 the following year.