Who owns XING com?

Who owns XING com?

In November 2009 Hubert Burda Media acquired 25.1% of XING, becoming its main shareholder. In 2010 XING acquired online event management company Amiando, changing its name to XING EVENTS….Ownership and acquisitions.

Proportion of holding (in %) shareholder
32.92 free float

Is XING a first or last name?

Xing is a common last name found among Overseas Chinese communities around the world. In fact, “Xing” is the transliteration of several different Chinese surnames.

What is XING app?

XING is a platform where professionals from all kinds of different industries can meet up, find jobs, colleagues, new assignments, cooperation partners, experts and generate business ideas. Members can meet and exchange views in around 50,000 specialist groups, while also getting together at networking events.

Who makes Xing Tea?

XINGtea, based in Denver, is committed to producing and distributing the best green tea-based ready-to-drink teas on the market. Brothers Tom and Scott LeBon had a single-minded drive for XINGtea, borne from their desire to create the best tea drink possible – better tasting and better for you than any other product.

Is Xing a girl name?

Meaning of the name Xing It can be used as either a girls or boys name and is also a common surname in China.

What is a XING profile?

In a nutshell, Xing is the German equivalent to Linkedin. It’s an online business network platform that helps you connect with like-minded professionals, find new jobs and share knowledge and insights on your feed and in interest groups.

How do I post a job on XING?

Posting a job ad

  1. Log in to your personal XING account.
  2. Click on Jobs in the left-hand navigation bar.
  3. Click on the link For recruiters: Post a job in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Scroll down to the product overview and choose the type of job ad you want.
  5. You will then be forwarded to the job ad form.

What happend to Xing Tea?

(formerly American Brewing) (OTC: ABRW), the California-based owner of the Búcha® Live Kombucha brand today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Colorado-based New Age Beverages and Xing Tea.

What is the most beautiful Chinese girl name?

Well, beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder, and there are some great Chinese girl names to choose from….Here are 15 more Chinese baby girl names:

  • Ai – lovable.
  • Ah Lam – peace.
  • Baozhai – precious hairpin.
  • Chu Hua – chrysanthemum.
  • Chyou – autumn.
  • Daiyu – black jade.
  • Fen – scent.
  • Ju – daisy.

What is the character of Xing?

Practice Your Tones!

Pinyin Yale English Definition for Chinese Text
xing1 hing1, hing3 to rise / to flourish / to become popular / to start / to encourage / to get up / (often used in the negative) to permit or allow (dialect) / maybe (dialect) / surname xing

Why is XING better than LinkedIn?

A giant operating power worldwide, LinkedIn focuses on the international community. Xing, on the other hand, targets local communities, for instancce by presenting “Xing events” for experts from different fields. This therefore brings about different networking tactics for users of both LinkedIn and Xing.

Which countries use XING?

Founded in 2003 in Hamburg, Germany, Xing is the leading network in the DACH region, D – Deutsch (Germany), A – Österreich (Austria), CH – Schweiz (Switzerland), and is, therefore, suitable for members who are mainly active in German-speaking countries.

How many members does XING have?

Xing based its headquarters in Hamburg and has since expanded to include offices in other cities. Based on official figures, it has 16 million members.

How much caffeine is in Xing Tea?

Xingtea Iced Green Tea contains 4.68 mg of caffeine per fl oz (15.83 mg per 100 ml). A 23.5 fl oz can has a total of 110 mg of caffeine.