Who played bass with Prince?

Who played bass with Prince?

Ida Kristine Nielsen
Birth name Ida Kristine Nielsen
Also known as Bass Ida, Bassida, Ida Funkhouser
Born 1975 (age 46–47) Denmark
Genres Funk soul rock world

How good of a bassist was Prince?

Prince, a masterful bassist in his own right, employed a series of phenomenal bass players. Let’s met the team… Prince could play just about everything, and he was certainly no slouch in the bass department – his knack for a slippery bassline propelled much of his formidable back catalog to funk greatness.

Who plays the Fender Jazz Bass?

Even a short list of players known for the using the instrument is most impressive—Joe Osborn, Jack Casady, Noel Redding, Larry Graham, Herbie Flowers, Greg Lake, Jaco Pastorius, John Paul Jones, Sting, Geddy Lee, Marcus Miller, Flea, Ron Blair, Adam Clayton and Verdine White.

Who is the most famous bass player?

Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top Ten Bassists of All Time

  1. John Entwistle. The clear winner in our poll was John Entwistle of The Who.
  2. Flea.
  3. Paul McCartney.
  4. Geddy Lee.
  5. Les Claypool.
  6. John Paul Jones.
  7. Jaco Pastorius.
  8. Jack Bruce.

Who played bass for Prince and The Revolution?

BrownmarkSince 1982
André Cymone1979 – 1981
The Revolution/Bassists

Who played bass on ABBA songs?

Rutger Gunnarsson
Although Rutger Gunnarsson was to be ABBA’s most frequently used bass player, Mike Watson played on notable tracks such as SOS, Mamma Mia, If It Wasn’t For The Nights, The Winner Takes It All, and Super Trouper. He is also the man dressed up as Napoleon on the cover of ABBA’s Waterloo album.

Does Kiss by Prince have a bass line?

Prince plays his own basslines in the studio and cites Larry Graham as a major influence.

What instrument was Prince best at?

He was a great instrumentalist, yes, but his best instrument may well have been the studio. While we’re on the subject of instruments … Prince was a skilled keyboardist, bassist, and drummer, but his instrumental legacy will surely be as a guitarist.

Who used a Fender bass?

One early champion was bandleader Lionel Hampton, who was featured in 1952 promotional materials for the instrument; both his bass players in the 1950s, William “Monk” Montgomery and Roy Johnson, used the instrument extensively.

What bass did John Paul Jones play?

Fender Jazz bass
After a number of part exchanges, he eventually ended up on what is now his iconic and signature instrument… a 1962 Fender Jazz bass. This guitar is deemed as John’s number one instrument and has played a key part in his career both in his session work and throughout the glory years of Led Zeppelin.

Who is the greatest bass singer?

11 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Bass Singers Of All Time

  • J.D. Sumner.
  • Leonard Cohen.
  • Tim Storms.
  • Ray Davies.
  • Josh Turner.
  • Tay Zonday.
  • Avi Kaplan.
  • Bob Bingham.

What kind of bass did Prince play?

Prince’s preferred bass live and in the studio was a white Warwick Thumb. Other basses in Prince’s collection around this time include a Guild Pilot and an Ibanez Soundgear. In the early 2000s, Prince switched back to Fender Jazz basses and it is assumed that this remained Prince’s preferred bass in the studio.

Who played bass guitar in ABBA?

Bass player Rutger Gunnarsson was a member of various local rock bands in his home town of Linköping during the 1960s. He then went on to study at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm for a couple of years.

Who is the guitar player in prince’s Kiss video?

member Wendy Melvoin
He is accompanied by the veiled dancer Monique Mannen wearing black lingerie and sunglasses while Revolution member Wendy Melvoin sits playing guitar.

What was Prince’s vocal range?

Prince had a wide vocal range when accounting for his unwieldy exclamations and shrieks, approximately four and a half octaves, from F2 – C7. The majority of these sounds at the top of his range are generally not accepted as a part of a singer’s vocal range because they bypass the functions of the vocal cords.

Can Prince play every instrument?

On his debut album For You, released when he was 20, Prince is said to have played every single instrument: 27 in all.

Why is it called a Jazz bass?

First introduced in 1960 as the Deluxe Model, it borrowed design elements from the Jazzmaster guitar. It was renamed the Jazz Bass as Fender felt that its redesigned neck—narrower and more rounded than that of the Precision Bass—would appeal more to jazz musicians.

Who are some of the bassists who use a Fender Jazz Bass?

Answer Wiki. Originally Answered: Who are some of the bassists who use fender jazz bass? Jaco, Geddy Lee, and John Paul Jones are a good start on the list. Larry Graham, of Sly & The Family Stone and later Graham Central Station played a J and now plays a custom version of the J bass.

Who is the best bass guitar player in jazz?

Along with Jaco Pastorius, Swallow is perhaps the best-regarded composer and player to wield a bass guitar in jazz.

Who played the J bass for Luther Vandross?

Marcus Miller is another session giant, who also played on early Luther Vandross hits and played with Miles Davis, who is quite famous for his ’77 maple-necked J bass which he put an active preamp into. Inside the cover of the second Boston album is a picture of Fran Sheehan playing a J live.

Who is the most important bassist of all time?

Anthony Jackson New York City-born Anthony Jackson is one of the most important bassists in history, with an uncompromising approach to his art.