Who plays Chantho in Dr Who?

Who plays Chantho in Dr Who?

“Doctor Who” Utopia (TV Episode 2007) – Chipo Chung as Chantho – IMDb.

Who plays the master in Utopia?

John Simm reprised his role as the Master in the Tenth Doctor’s final story “The End of Time” and reprised the role again in “World Enough and Time” and “The Doctor Falls”, the finale of Series 10, the final series to feature Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor and Michelle Gomez as Missy.

Who is the professor in Doctor Who?

Derek Jacobi
“Doctor Who” Utopia (TV Episode 2007) – Derek Jacobi as Professor Yana – IMDb.

Who is Chipo Chung’s father?

Rugare GumboChipo Chung / Father

What are the Toclafane Doctor Who?

The Toclafane are the last descendants of humanity, living around the year 100 trillion and wandering across space just as the ‘heat death’ of the Universe began. They are notable for their last-ditch effort at survival: the invasion of Earth, circa 21st century.

How old is Chipo Chung?

44 years (August 17, 1977)Chipo Chung / Age

Is davros a time Lord?

Born into war The Time Lords placed Davros’s life up to his apparent death at the hands of the Daleks as concurrent to Earth’s ancient history, prior to the 2nd century.

How did Chantho die in doctor who?

When Yana discovered that he was the War Master in human form, he fatally wounded Chantho with a live electric cable. With her dying breath, she shot him, triggering his regeneration. ( TV: Utopia ) When Davros asked the Tenth Doctor, “How many have died in your name?”, the Doctor recalled Chantho’s death.

Is Chantho in love with Yana?

Chantho was a female Malmooth and the last of her kind. Chantho left the Malmooth Conglomeration and worked with Professor Yana on the Utopia Project. She felt an unrequited love for Yana and confessed it to Martha Jones, who sympathised with her, having similar feelings for the Tenth Doctor.

Why does Chantho have to start her name at the beginning?

To be polite, Chantho, like all Malmooth, had to say the start of her name at the beginning of each sentence, then finish with its end. When Martha asked what would happen if she didn’t speak that way, her reply was, “Chan-That would be rude-tho”, like swearing was to humans.

Who are the 5 actors that have played doctor who?

Actors who have played Doctor Who. 1. William Hartnell. Actor | Carry On Sergeant. William Hartnell was born on 8 January 1908, just south of St. Pancras station in London. In press 2. Peter Cushing. 3. Patrick Troughton. 4. Jon Pertwee. 5. Tom Baker.