Who voices the gym teacher in Meet the Robinsons?

Who voices the gym teacher in Meet the Robinsons?

Don Hall is the voice of Coach in Meet the Robinsons, and Hisao Egawa is the Japanese voice.

Who is the coach in Meet the Robinsons?

Don Hall
Meet the Robinsons (2007) – Don Hall as Coach, Gaston – IMDb.

Who voices Cornelius in Meet the Robinsons?

Jordan FryMeet the Robinsons
Daniel HansenMeet the RobinsonsTom SelleckMeet the Robinsons
Lewis/Voiced by

Who voices Frankie the Frog in Meet the Robinsons?

Aurian Redson, Jamie Cullum are the voices of Frankie in Meet the Robinsons, and Eiji Miyashita is the Japanese voice.

Who voiced adult Lewis Meet the Robinsons?

Released on March 30, 2007, in a regular version, and in Disney Digital 3-D on more than 600 screens. Directed by Stephen Anderson. Voices include Angela Bassett (Mildred), Daniel Hansen (Lewis), Jordan Fry (Lewis), Tom Kenny (Mr.

Is Lewis Wilbur’s dad?

Lewis fixes the Memory Scanner and explains its operation at which time Bowler Hat Guy double-crosses him, revealing that Lewis is, in fact, Cornelius Robinson; Wilbur’s dad, and the man who invented Doris.

Why did Lewis have two voice actors Meet the Robinsons?

Two actors were needed to voice Lewis—Daniel Hansen began recording the voice in 2003, but as he grew and his voice changed, the producers had to find another kid, and they were lucky to find Jordan Fry, a young actor who sounded much like Daniel. 94 min.

Why does Lewis change his name to Cornelius?

A reporter asks for an interview and Lewis, seeing his future parents and wife realizes that he faces a great future. Lucile and Bud adopt Lewis and nickname him Cornelius.

Does Mirabel have brown or black hair?

Mirabel is a 15-year-old Colombian girl of a 5’2″ height, curly chin-length black hair, thick eyebrows, hazel eyes, and visibly dark shade of freckles on her nose and cheeks.

Why did Lewis change his name?

Lewis Hamilton is making a change to honor his mother. The Formula One driver recently shared that he will soon be racing under a new name. “I’m really proud of my family’s name, Hamilton,” the 37-year-old said ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Why did Lewis mom leave him?

From little that can be seen of Lewis’s biological mother, she does appear rather young, so it’s possible that at least part of the reason she gave her son up for adoption was that she didn’t feel ready to be a parent and wanted to give Lewis a better life or was unable to provide for Lewis.

Is Mirabel based on a real person?

Mirabel Madrigal is a fictional character that appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 60th feature film, Encanto (2021).

Is Lewis Hamilton biracial?

Hamilton was born on 7 January 1985 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. His father, Anthony Hamilton, is black and is of Grenadian descent, while his mother, Carmen Larbalestier, is White British, and from Birmingham, making him mixed-race; Hamilton has identified as black.

Is there a video game of meet the Robinsons?

For the video game, see Meet the Robinsons (video game). Meet the Robinsons is a 2007 American computer-animated science-fiction comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

How much did meet the Robinsons cost to make?

Meet the Robinsons was released in standard and Disney Digital 3-D versions on March 23, 2007 in the United States and March 30, 2007 in the United Kingdom. The film received generally positive reviews from critics. On an estimated budget of $150 million, it acquired $169.3 million at the box office.

Who are the actors in meet the Robinsons?

Meet the Robinsons. The voice cast includes Jordan Fry, Wesley Singerman, Harland Williams, Tom Kenny, Steve Anderson, Laurie Metcalf, Adam West, Tom Selleck, and Angela Bassett. It was the first film released after then- Pixar executive John Lasseter became chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Who is Stanley pukowski in meet the Robinsons?

Stanley Pukowski is a character from Meet the Robinsons. He is one of the students at Joyce Williams Elementary School that participated in the Science Fair. Stanley first appears in the gym during the science fair where he has brought his Mount Vesuvius scene to the science fair.