Who was the Lions QB in 2005?

Who was the Lions QB in 2005?

Joey Harrington

Pos Player GS
QB Joey Harrington 11
RB Kevin Jones 13
FB Cory Schlesinger 8
WR Scottie Vines 11

Who did the Lions draft in 2005?

2005 Detroit Lions Draft

  • Mike Williams, WR. Southern California. WR. Southern California.
  • Shaun Cody, DT. Southern California. DT. Southern California.
  • Stanley Wilson, DB. Stanford. DB. Stanford.
  • 145. Dan Orlovsky, QB. Connecticut. QB. Connecticut.
  • 184. Bill Swancutt, DE. Oregon State. DE. Oregon State.
  • 206. Jonathan Goddard, DE. Marshall. DE.

Who was the Lions QB in 2007?

Regular season

Season(s) Quarterback(s)
2006 Jon Kitna (16)
2007 Jon Kitna (16)
2008 Dan Orlovsky (7) / Daunte Culpepper (5) / Jon Kitna (4)
2009 Matthew Stafford (10) / Daunte Culpepper (5) / Drew Stanton (1)

Who was the Lions best quarterback?

1 – Matthew Stafford (2009-2020) In just 12 seasons as the Lions’ starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford owns every single major passing record. As the franchise’s all-time leader in completions (3,898), yards (45,109), and touchdowns (282) by a hefty margin, Stafford has to be No.

Who did Matt Millen draft?

Mike Williams
Mike Williams was the third straight receiver taken in the first round by GM Matt Millen. He played just two seasons in Detroit and 22 games.

Who was the Lions first round pick?

1st Round, No. 12 overall (from Minnesota) | Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama.

Did the Lions go 0 16?

Today in sports history, the 2008 Detroit Lions became the first team to go winless in a 16-game season. With a 31-21 loss on the road to the Green Bay Packers, the Lions made sports history.

Has Detroit Lions ever won a playoff game?

The (lack of) wins. As noted earlier, the Lions haven’t won a playoff game since their Jan. 5, 1992, win over the Cowboys at the Pontiac Silverdome. It’s not for lack of chances, though: The Lions have made eight playoff appearances — 1993 (their most recent division title), 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2011, 2014 and 2016.

Where did Matt Millen go to college?

Penn State UniversityMatt Millen / College

When did Matt Millen get fired?

September 24, 2008
His eight-year tenure as head of the franchise led to the worst eight-year record in the history of the modern NFL (31–84, a . 270 winning percentage), and resulted in his termination on September 24, 2008. Millen assembled the personnel and coaching staff of the 2008 Lions, which became the first team to go 0–16.

Did the Lions draft a QB?

Lions’ Draft Shows Confidence in QB Jared Goff.

How many teams went 1 15?

11 teams finished a season with 1 win and 15 losses.