Who was the voice of Lili?

Who was the voice of Lili?

Nicki Rapp (born September 4, 1972), often credited as Nikki Rapp, is an American voice actress known for providing the voices for Lili Zanotto in Psychonauts, Morgan LeFlay in Tales of Monkey Island, Lilly in The Walking Dead video game, and the children in several games in The Sims franchise.

Who voices Clementine in The Walking Dead Season 1?

Melissa Hutchison
Melissa Hutchison is an American voice actress, who is well known for her voice role as Clementine in The Walking Dead and its sequels, for which she won Best Performance by a Female at the 2013 Spike Video Game Awards and was nominated for the 2014 NAVGTR Award Performance in a Drama, Lead respectively.

What is Clem’s race?

Clem’s Ethnicity Today at Comic Con, Kevin Bruner stated that in Clementine’s backstory, one of her parents are African-American and one of her parents are Asian.

How old is Alvin Junior?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop

Alvin Jr.
Age Newborn(Season 2) 2(Season 3) 5-6(Season 4)
Family Mother – Rebecca (Deceased) Possible Father – William Carver (Deceased) Possible Father – Alvin (Deceased) Surrogate mother – Clementine
First Appearance “Amid The Ruins”
Last Appearance “Take Us Back”

What race is clementines mom?

Clementines Mother is Asian while her father is black, this makes her blasian.

Is Carver AJS dad?

Now I’ve seen many claiming that Carver is Aj’s father, to give more evidence to their Aj is a psycho theory. The reason why Carver is not Aj’s father is because AJ is simply too dark to be Carvers child.

Can you save Omid Season 2?

He will die no matter what question you ask. you can’t save him. Always killing characters I love..

Is AJ Alvin’s or carvers?

Alvin Jr., nicknamed A.J., Alvie, or Goofball, is the deuteragonist of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. He first appears in Season Two, returns in A New Frontier in flashbacks, and later appears as the deuteragonist and a playable character of The Final Season. He is the son of Rebecca and possibly, Alvin or Carver.

Who shot Omid?

However, Omid’s attempt failed, which resulted in Michelle accidentally fatally shooting Omid in the chest.

Can Sarita be saved?

Somehow, a walker reached Sarita and bit her in the hand, and her scream of pain made Clementine come to the rescue, having the choice to kill the walker or chop off Sarita’s arm. If Clementine killed the walker instead, Sarita will not die during the escape.

Can you save Walt?

Yes, Walter dies in every playthrough. The determinant deaths are Nick, Alvin, and possibly Carlos, but so far only one person claims to have got him killed. Carlos cannont die.