Who won Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga?

Who won Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga?

“Sugar” Shane Mosley let Ricardo Mayorga have it in the final round of their non-title middleweight fight – and not in a good way. Mosley then 45-5, 38 KOs) knocked Mayorga (then 28-7-1, 22 KOs) out in the 12th round with a dramatic combination of punches.

Who did Ricardo Mayorga lose to?

Spinks. Cory Spinks (31-2-0) rose to boxing stardom by unifying the WBC, WBA, IBF, and The Ring lineal welterweight titles on December 13, 2003, when he defeated Mayorga by majority decision.

What happened to the boxer Ricardo Mayorga?

Mayorga is now reunited with his family. “However, to achieve a full recovery, Ricardo has accepted the help of Mexican idol Julio César Chávez, who is now 11 years clean after quitting drugs and alcohol. “Mayorga will travel on the first available flight to Mexico to get in at the Baja del Sol Clinic.

What did Mayorga do to Shane Mosley’s wife?

Mayorga slapped the butt of Mosley’s girlfriend Tuesday at the final press conference before Saturday’s pay-per-view fight. Mosley immediately lunged at Mayorga and tried to choke his opponent. TMZ released video of the incident and interviews with both fighters, as well as Mosley’s distraught girlfriend.

Was Shane Mosley ever knocked out?

Shane Mosley has never been knocked out in his professional boxing career, but experts and boxing fans as well say he may have his first knockout on May 7 in the hands of pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao.

Who fought the best against Mayweather?

1. Jose Luis Castillo I, April 20, 2002. This fight remains the most controversial of Floyd Mayweather’s career. More than a decade after it took place, fans still argue on Internet forums that Jose Luis Castillo deserved the nod over Mayweather in April 2002.

How old was Floyd Mayweather when he fought Shane Mosley?

Age: Mayweather 33; Mosley 38.

When did Mosley fight Mayorga?

We’re going to look back at one he had against Shane Mosley on September 27th, 2008. You see, Mosley is/was one of the more brilliant and crafty boxer-punchers of his generation. Mayorga likes to street fight.

Who was De La Hoya first loss?

Felix Trinidad
Of course, De La Hoya was no exception to the rule that virtually everyone loses. However, his first setback was a controversial one, a disputed majority decision to Felix Trinidad in 1999. Before that, he hadn’t lost since he fell to Marco Rudolph in the first round of the amateur World Championships in 1991.

Who is Shane Mosley wife?

Jin MosleyShane Mosley / Wife (m. 2002–2010)

What did Shane Mosley do to Ricardo Mayorga?

Shane Mosley lands a left hand to the head of Ricardo Mayorga during their bout at the Forum on Saturday night. Shane Mosley had a lot to prove — and it turned out he did.

What happened in the Mosley vs Mayorga fight?

A frustrated Mayorga looking to motivate himself decided to draw from some of his signature antics and bravado. He shouted at Mosley and made motions to his own genitalia in an unsuccessful attempt to get into his opponent’s head. In the fifth frame, Mosley started to slow down considerably.

What is Shane Mosley’s record in professional boxing?

The former world champion in three different weight classes Shane Mosley (he is almost 44 years old now, two years older than Mayorga) entered this fight with a professional boxing record of 47-9-1 ( 39 KOs=83%) but ‘Sugar’ is not ranked as he hasn’t fought since November 27, 2013 when he was defeated by Anthony Mundine (= Mosley vs Mundine ).

Who did Ariana Mosley beat in her first fight?

In their first fight Mosley defeated Mayorga by knockout in the last round (on September 27, 2008). Watch the video and rate this fight! Support AllTheBestFights.com!