Who won the Golden Apple Award 2021?

Who won the Golden Apple Award 2021?

Mandy Churchill
The 2021 Golden Apple Award winner is Mandy Churchill, a second-grade teacher at Clearbrook Elementary School. She has been teaching for five years.

Who won the Golden Apple Award 2020?

Marianne Nester
The 2020 Golden Apple Award winner is Marianne Nester, a third-grade teacher at Bonsack Elementary School. She has been teaching for 32 years.

Who won the Golden Apple Award today?

Golden Apple: Congratulations to Erina Guilfoil!

How many people win the golden apple?

Thirty Lee County teachers were named finalists in January for the 35th annual Golden Apple Recognition Program. The winners were chosen from about 3,000 nominations this school year, Bower said. More than 200 teachers have received the award over the last 35 years.

What effects do you get from a golden apple?

The golden apple provides:

  • Absorption I for 2 minutes (providing 4 points of absorption health)
  • Regeneration II (1 every 25 ticks, × 0.4 per second) for 5 seconds (long enough to heal 4 points of damage)

How do you nominate a teacher for the Golden Apple Award?

Nominate a Teacher

  1. Teacher’s Email Address *
  2. Teacher’s School Name *
  3. School Address *
  4. School City *
  5. School Zip Code *
  6. Your personal (non-district/business) email address *
  7. Your relationship to teacher * Parent. Administrator. Student. Fellow Teacher.
  8. Please provide why you believe this teacher is so deserving of our award *

Is the Golden Apple Award National?

Since 1996, the National Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence has highlighted a medical school professor that deserve international notoriety due to their improvements or advancements in medical education.

Who won the golden apple 2022?

(KNWA/KFTA) — 6th grade Sonora Middle School science teacher Justin High was May’s Golden Apple winner. The award commends excellent teachers or other school leaders and role models for the positive influence they have on their kids.

How do you get nominated for a Golden Apple Award?

Nominations can be submitted by anyone who has gratitude for the impact that a teacher has had on their lives and/or the community at large.

Are golden apples worth it?

Golden apples in Minecraft come in two varieties: enchanted and regular. Regular golden apples are typically considered to be less valuable and can be easily crafted with 8 gold ingots. Enchanted golden apples, however, are one of the most powerful items in the vanilla game and have no crafting recipe.

How do you nominate a teacher for teacher of the Year?

Educators can only be nominated by affiliates of the NEA, so contact a local or state affiliate near you to suggest a teacher.

What does golden apple give you?

When you eat an enchanted golden apple in Survival mode, it gives you status effects such as Regeneration II, Absorption IV, Resistance and Fire Resistance.

How long do golden apples last?


Java Edition
1.3.1 Added enchanted golden apples.
Enchanted golden apples highly resemble the golden apple prior to 1.1.
Enchanted golden apples have Regeneration IV (30 seconds), Resistance (5 minutes) and Fire Resistance (5 minutes).
Enchanted golden apples can be crafted with 8 blocks of gold and one apple.

Can God apples spawn in mineshafts?

Players looking for Enchanted Golden Apples can check any chests found in Dungeons, Mineshafts, Desert Temples, Ruined Portals, and Woodland Mansions (they can also be found in Bastion Remnants in the Java edition of the game).

How do teachers get the Golden Apple Award?

In Illinois, the Golden Apple award is presented to educators who have been nominated by their peers for have showcased excellence in teaching, or at school leadership in a principal position.

How does a teacher get nominated for Golden Apple Award?

The minimum teaching requirement requires that a candidate must be actively teaching in a full-time teaching position today and must have completed no fewer than four years of teaching prior to this school year.

Is golden apple better than golden carrot?

Golden Carrots are the second most nourishing food item in the game, healing six Hunger Points each. However, they don’t have any additional affects, unlike the Golden Apple. Golden Carrots’ being used for Potions of Night Vision is based on the myth that carrots improve vision.

Is golden apple good for you?

Golden apple (bael) is such an important fruit that is highly beneficial to human health because it is an excellent source carotene, protein, carbohydrate, dietary fibres, fat, magnesium, riboflavin, chromium, water, iron, tartaric acid, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, vitamin A, thiamine, minerals, niacin, potassium.