Why did Boston Legal get canceled?

Why did Boston Legal get canceled?

The ratings slowly declined each successive year and last season, Legal averaged 9.8 million. Though that’s still a decent audience, ABC announced that season five would be the final one.

Was there a Boston Legal spinoff?

As mentioned in part one, Boston Legal is a direct spinoff of The Practice. To keep some continuity, multiple characters from that show—James Spader as Alan Shore, William Shatner as Denny Crane and Rhona Mitra as Tara Wilson—play prominent roles in Boston Legal’s first season.

Why did Boston Legal Change cast so much?

Series creator David E. Kelley says cast changes are necessary because the process of selecting talent is an inexact process. “You’re looking for characters to tell particular stories, and then on top of that, you’re looking for a populace that you can achieve an interaction with,” Kelley says.

What happens to Paul’s daughter on Boston Legal?

Paul Lewiston His middle-aged daughter, Rachel, is introduced in Season 2 as a meth addict, and Paul has her abducted and placed in a rehab center. He takes custody of her daughter (his granddaughter) Fiona. After this, being tied up with being a daddy to his grandchild he is seldom seen in the Boston office.

Why did Denise and Brad leave Boston Legal?

When Brad became suspicious that Denise was not sleeping with him exclusively, he grew agitated. After learning that she had also been sleeping with his rival, Jeffrey Coho, Brad realized that he was not willing to be used in such a way and terminated the arrangement.

Is there a spin off of Boston Legal?

‘Boston Legal’ “The Practice” spawned the spin-off series “Boston Legal,” which ran for five seasons on ABC from 2004 to 2008. The producers hired the British writer and barrister John Mortimer,…

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  • Why was Boston Legal discontinued?

    Why did Boston Legal get Cancelled? The show fetched great ratings, was quite a favourite at awards and so it seemed strange when ABC decided to pull the plug soon after the fourth season ended.The fifth season got a shorter order of episodes which was quite unfortunate. This was followed by the show getting cancelled by the network.

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