Why did the poet visit Lyonnesse?

Why did the poet visit Lyonnesse?

Answer: The poet set out for Lyonnesse to supervise renovation work of a church. He writes the poem to celebrate his successful attempt.

Did the British officers exploit Indians?

The British officers exploited Indians in many ways. They imposed heavy taxes on Indians farmers and reduced import duty on goods manufactured in England and imported to India. Even they cut the thumbs of expert artisans.

What happened to the poet?

Explanation: the poet was sitting under hemlock tree which was suddenly sikhen by a crow and a snowflake fell on to the poet and let very dust of Snow change the mood of the poet !!!!!!!

What were the social and religious malpractices that prevailed during British rule?

What were the social and religious malpractices that prevailed during British rule? Answer: Religious leaders preached ideas like untouchability, child marriage and against women folk. Social and religious degradation had started pushing women inside their homes.

Why do Britishers send farmers to jail?

The British implemented various laws to make more profits. They imposed heavy taxes on the peasants which forced farmers to abandon their lands. The British were taking their crops and if anyone dared not to pay them, then the British would send them to jail.

What did the poet return with from Lyonnesse?

Answer : On his return from Lyonnesse, the poet seemed to be a changed personality. His face and eyes glowed as if with acquirement of some new found knowledge or secret. The poet seemed to more happier, confident and content , “magic in my eyes.” His journey left an impression on his personality.

What poems did Thomas Hardy write?

Some of Hardy’s best known poetry:

  • 001 Domicilium 24 kb.
  • 119 The Darkling Thrush 24.5 kb.
  • 248 The Convergence of the Twain 22 kb.
  • 261 Wessex Heights 23 kb.
  • 292 At Castle Boterel 22 kb.

Could anyone guess what would happen to the poet at Lyonnesse How do we know?

The poet was apprehensive about his stay in Lyonnesse. He was worried about the outcome as nobody could predict the occurance and happenings of the stay. According to him no prophet can declare this and even a wizard would not be able to say what would happen at Lyonnesse.

What did Dr Paresh Chanda suggest Bepin Babu?

Answer: Paresh Chandra was a young physician with a pair of bright eyes and a sharp nose. He suggested Bepin to go to Ranchi once again that can make him to remind the entire trip. Dr.

What happened to the poet on his return?

Explanation: When the poet, Thomas Hardy, visited Lyonnesse, he was lonely and did not know what lay ahead of him. But when he returned from Lyonnesse, he had changed a lot. There was magic in his eyes and he looked very radiant.

Why did prophet and wizard not guess about the magic in the poet’s eyes?

Ans. Prophet and wizard did not guess about that magic in the poet’s eyes because this was the radiance in his life and eyes due to the blessings of God.

How many poems did Thomas Hardy write?

From 1898 until his death in 1928 Hardy published eight volumes of poetry; about one thousand poems were published in his lifetime.

How was the poet feeling while Travelling to Lyonnesse?

How poet is feeling while travelling to lyonnesse? ► The poet is feeling lonely while travelling as no one accompanied him. ► When the poet returned from Lyonnesse he have strange glows in his eyes. It seemed as if he had magical eyes that glowed from inner radiance.

What does the word sojourn mean in the poem when I set out for Lyonnesse?

Answer. Answer: (b) a magician. Question 4. The word ‘sojourn’ means the same as. (a) silence.

Who is the poet of the poem when I set out for Lyonnesse?

Thomas Hardy

What was on the spray?

Answer: Rime means small white fragments of snow which form because of chilly cold (known as frost). So “the rime on the spray” means frost spread on the leaves and branches of trees.