Why did they burn their Licences in the Eureka Stockade?

Why did they burn their Licences in the Eureka Stockade?

The miners felt this was an unfair system and were prepared to fight for change. Police invaded the mines to enforce the licensing laws, in late November 1854. The miners refused to cooperate, and burned their licences and stoned police.

Did the miners have guns in the Eureka Stockade?

Meanwhile, the miners woken by the sentry’s shot leapt to their feet, groped for weapons and rushed to man the barricade with rifles, revolvers, cutlasses, swords, pikes, pitchforks or whatever they could lay their hands on.

How many miners and police died in the Eureka Stockade?

At least 22 diggers and six soldiers were killed. The rebellion of miners at Eureka Stockade is a key event in the development of Australia’s representational structures and attitudes towards democracy and egalitarianism.

What was the miners license?

This gold licence was issued by the Victorian government to miner ‘J Hedger’ in 1854. Gold licences raised money for the government and helped police to keep track of miners. Miners complained that the licence was too expensive and unfair because they had to pay for it even if they did not find gold.

How much did a miner’s license cost in the 1850’s?

The gold license system was introduced soon after the first rushes began: from 23 May 1851 in New South Wales and from 1 September 1851 in Victoria. Everyone wanting to dig for gold had to pay 30 shillings ($1.50) a month for a license.

How much was a gold licence?

Where did the miners burn their licence?

Miners held meetings and protests to show their dislike for the licences. In December 1854, near Ballarat, about 500 miners built and occupied a fortress that became known as Eureka Stockade. Miners burned their licences and vowed to resist the government’s authority.

How did miners try to avoid paying a licence fee?

Miners at the Turon River near Bathurst threatened to riot over the expensive licence fees. The Governor wisely reduced the fees by two-thirds but there were still problems. Diggers had to carry the licence on them at all times and any official could stop them and demand to see it.

How many diggers were in the Eureka Stockade?

150 diggers
Work then began on the stockade. Troops and police surrounded the 150 diggers who were within the structure on December 3. After refusing to come out, the diggers opened fire on the government forces.

How much did a miner’s licence cost?

Thirty shillings
Both the New South Wales and Victorian governments decided to the best way of to control miners and to raise money to provide infrastructure was to introduce a 30s. Miners Licence. Thirty shillings was a lot of money at that time and many diggers found it difficult to raise the fee.

How much did a gold licence cost in 1851?

When did the miners licences start?

1 September 1851
Miner’s licences were first issued on 1 September 1851 and cost 30 shillings a month (later reduced to £1 a month or £8 a year). The licence fees were supposed to cover the cost of maintaining the police force on the goldfields.

What happens if you find gold in Australia?

If you discover gold or other minerals or gemstones on land not covered by a mining tenement, and the ground is Crown land (under the Mining Act 1978), then you are free to keep what you have found (as long as you hold a Miner’s Right).

How much did a gold licence cost?

It was proclaimed that from 1 September 1851 all miners in Victoria must pay 30 shillings a month (the equivalent of a week’s wages) for a licence to dig for gold, or risk prosecution.

Who made the Eureka Flag?

Captain Charles Ross
This Southern Cross flag was based on earlier designs used in the Australian colonies. It was used as the battle flag of the Eureka Stockade in 1854. Captain Charles Ross of Toronto, Canada is said to be the designer of this flag.

Why did miners need a gold licence?