Why is it called Lolas theme?

Why is it called Lolas theme?

The name “Lola’s Theme” was originally a working title for this record; Lola is Simon Marlin’s wife, and it was while listening to her record collection that the initial idea for the track was conceived. She appears handing out candy floss in the music video.

Who wrote Lolas theme?

Karen PooleLola’s Theme / LyricistKaren Ann Poole is an English singer and songwriter. Poole has had over thirty five Top 20 UK hits as a songwriter. Wikipedia

What is a human shapeshifter?

Shapeshifting, also known as transformation or transmogrification, is a change in the form or shape of a person, especially a change from human form to animal form or a change in appearance form one person to another.

What do shapeshifters eat in supernatural?

Although they have never been seen doing, or implied they intended to, it has been indirectly stated that at least some shapeshifters eat humans, much like several other monsters, as in The Girl Next Door, Bobby Singer says that leviathans “are like shapeshifters only a lot more into eating folk” implying that at least …

What powers do shapeshifters have?

Shapeshifting – Shapeshifters can take on a living or dead person’s physical appearance by shedding their skin. When they shift, they literally become the person they’re mimicking, gaining everything, including fingerprints and DNA; they can also mimic wounds, even very serious ones.

What is a shapeshifter personality?

Shapeshifter. A Shapeshifter is the person who always seems to find a way to fit in, regardless of the circumstances. Maybe he’s the class clown who works hard to make others laugh. Or maybe he’s the one who mimics the style of whatever group he’s around.

What is a human shapeshifter called?

Therianthropy refers to the fantastical, or mythological, ability of some humans to change into animals. Therianthropes are said to change forms via shapeshifting.