Why is silvered glass used as a mirror 6?

Why is silvered glass used as a mirror 6?

Why is silvered glass used as a mirror? Answer: The silvered glass has a smooth surface and the smoothness helps in forming clear image. Silvering makes it shiny and the shiny surface helps in reducing the absorption.

How do you write a reflection in a group work?

How to write a Reflection on Group Work Essay

  1. Explain what Reflection Is.
  2. Explore the benefits of group work.
  3. Explore the challenges group.
  4. Give examples of the benefits and challenges your group faced.
  5. Discuss how your group handled your challenges.
  6. Discuss what you will do differently next time.
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What is the formula for reflection?

A reflection of a point over the x -axis is shown. The rule for a reflection over the x -axis is (x,y)→(x,−y) .

How do you calculate specular reflection?

The reflection vector R is calculated with the following formula:

  1. R = 2 * (N · L) * N L.
  2. V = Camera Position – Vertex Position.
  3. Specular Light = (R · V)n
  4. Final Color = (Diffuse Light + Ambient Light + Specular Light) * Diffuse Color.
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What is the difference between an object and its reflection?

Answer. An object is real and of a definite size which can be touched by a human. On the other hand, reflection can be erected, virtual, backward or magnified. The reflection is same as the object.

What type of image real or virtual is formed in the still water of a lake?

A ‘virtual image’ is formed on the surface of still water of a lake. Explanation: Virtual images are formed due to divergence of the “outgoing rays from the object”. Virtual images can only be seen through objects like a mirror or water and cannot be reflected on a screen like real images.

How do you create a self reflection?

15 Ways to Practice Self-Reflection

  1. Identify the Important Questions.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Journal.
  4. Do A Writing Exercise.
  5. Take a Walk In Nature.
  6. Talk to Yourself Out Loud.
  7. Perform Breathing Exercises.
  8. Read.