How do you pair a Blue Ant Supertooth Light?

How do you pair a Blue Ant Supertooth Light?

Go back to Bluetooth > Paired devices > highlight ST LIGHT > press Options > then press Connect. The kit is now ready to use. Installation Fix the metal clip of SUPERTOOTH LIGHT on the sun visor. Attach the magnetic back of SUPERTOOTH LIGHT to the fixed metal clip.

How do I pair my Supertooth visor?

  1. How do I pair my SuperTooth Buddy with a Bluetooth mobile phone?
  2. From OFF, press and hold the On/Off (8) button for 10 seconds until.
  3. the Bluetooth Indicator (4) turns blinking red/blue.
  4. While the handsfree kit is in pairing mode, access the Bluetooth menu.
  5. of your phone.

What is a BlueAnt supertooth?

The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 clips to your car’s sun visor and provides hands-free communication while driving. Installing the Supertooth 3 is simple too: simply slide the enclosed metal clip onto your car sun visor and attach the Supertooth 3 using the magnets on the back.

How do I pair my Blue Ant Bluetooth speaker?

A) Pairing Power on the speaker and enter Bluetooth mode. The light indicator will flash. On your smartphone search Bluetooth devices for the “BlueAnt X1”. Once connected the speaker will announce it is “connected” and the indicator light will cease flashing.

How do you use a BlueAnt speaker?

To connect two X2 together please follow these instructions:

  1. Power on the first speaker.
  2. Press and hold the volume + and volume – buttons for 4 seconds.
  3. Power on the second speaker.
  4. Press and hold the volume + and volume – buttons for 4 seconds.
  5. Please wait until one speaker says “DUO mode connected”.

How do you turn on a BlueAnt speaker?

With the X1 speaker off please press and hold the power button. The start up sound will sound and the led will flash. Keep holding the power button until you see the battery indicator lights turn off. Then let go of the power button.

Does BlueAnt work with Android?

Each BlueAnt Android Application has been designed to work with a specific BlueAnt device. Please ensure that you download the correct application for your BlueAnt device. BlueAnt Android Applications are currently available for the COMMUTE, RIBBON, Q1/Q2, S4, SENSE (S3), Endure and T1.

How do I connect my SuperTooth voice to my phone?

Enable Bluetooth function on your phone. Search for Bluetooth devices. In the list of devices found, select “SuperTooth HD” and validate connection. Follow the instructions heard via the kit and displayed on the phone.

What is SuperTooth?

Supertooth™ is a world-class dental office located in Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and Germantown, Maryland. The experienced team specializes in general and family dentistry, treating patients of all ages and backgrounds from all over Montgomery County and surrounding communities.

What is a BlueAnt device?

Product Description. The BlueAnt Sense Speakerphone is a visor-mounted car speakerphone that combines ease of use with great sound and advanced features.

How do you charge a BlueAnt speaker?

Please use the supplied USB cable and AC charger to charge the X3. The charge port can be found at the rear of the speaker. A full charge will take around 3 hours.

Does the blue ant speaker have an app?

What is SuperTooth voice?

SuperTooth Voice is a Bluetooth handsfree kit that supports headset or handsfree profile phones. This speakerphone car kit features Full DSP Noise Cancellation/ Echo Cancellation. Thus, it provides an advanced audio quality. This visor car kit is designed for easy handsfree operation and superior performance.

How do I set up SuperTooth voice?

What is the blueant wireless supertooth light Bluetooth speakerphone?

The BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light Bluetooth speakerphone has a lightweight body. It has excellent sound quality, thanks to full duplex speakers Though many cell phones come with built-in speakerphones, not all of them emit quality sound. Enter the Bluetooth speakerphones, which are dedicated speakerphones that usually have better sound quality.

Will the blueant wireless supertooth light work with T-Mobile Sidekick 3?

On the back of the Supertooth Light are a couple of magnets which can be attached to an included metal visor clip so the phone fits easily on the car’s visor. We paired the BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth Light speakerphone with the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 and the LG VX9400 easily and successfully.

What does the blueant phone look like?

It has a simple rectangular design, has an almost all-black body, and its speaker is housed in a rounded square with the BlueAnt logo right on the front of the device. Next to it are the Accept and End/Reject call buttons, both of which are large and well-spaced. On top of the device are the volume buttons.

What is the size of the supertooth light?

Measuring only 4. 8 inches long by 2. 37 inches wide by 0. 72 inch deep and weighing in at 4. 05 ounces, we found the Supertooth Light to be a lightweight and portable device. This makes it really easy to bring it around to conference rooms or switch it between different vehicles.