How do you string a beaded curtain?

How do you string a beaded curtain?

String at least two crimp beads and enough small round beads (such as Czech druk beads) to wrap loosely around the rod. Pass back through the crimps then crimp. String enough beads to almost fill the remaining beading wire and at least two crimp beads then crimp. Pass the rod through the loop on the end of the strand.

How does a portiere work?

A portiere rod is a type of door curtain pole which allows the curtain to rise as the door is opened – so stopping it from dragging on the floor. An old fashioned idea that will help to give a more snug and cosy feel in the room and keep those draughts at bay.

Why do pennies in water repel flies?

Orkin says their eyes are compound, made up of thousands of individual lenses that are very perceptive to changes in light. So, when light hits the bag of water filled with shiny pennies — or even pieces of aluminum foil, in some cases — it refracts and confuses the insects.

How do pennies in a bag keep flies away?

To make your own fly repellent, simply get a gallon-sized zip-loc bag, fill it half to 3/4 with clean water, and drop 3 or 4 pennies in the bottom of the bag. Once the bag is firmly sealed, it can be hung from or nailed to an eave near a doorway to keep the nasty critters from entering your home.

What is a bead curtain and how do you use it?

Bead curtains are ideal as decorations and ornaments. These curtains can be used just about anywhere: on doors, living rooms, windows, doorways, bedrooms, closets, patio doors. They are a beautiful accessory in more professional spaces, such as coffee shops, parties, or restaurants.

What is the fringe on a Beaded Curtain made of?

Instead of wooden beads, this curtain features a silvery ribbon thread fringe made from a 100% polyester. It creates a calm and c… . This beaded curtain is hand-made from wood and natural bamboo.

Did you know that beaded curtains are still in style?

They’re a little groovy, a little glamorous, and the way they move and catch the light brings out a whimsy in all of us that any hippie would understand. What you might not know is that beaded curtains have kept up with the times, undergoing a makeover that has kept them relevant to the times and latest decorating trends.