Is it difficult to crack NTSE?

Is it difficult to crack NTSE?

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is one of the hardest school level scholarship exams that India’s education system has up its sleeve. The exam recognizes the talent of deserving students, from a pool of millions, takes some doing, and this is what makes the NTSE so challenging.

Is NTSE exam easy?

Yes, NTSE is one of the most difficult exams for scholarship on school level in India. The millions of students taking this exam from every state makes it even more competitive and difficult.

Does NTSE have class 8?

No NTSE is held for 9th or 10th class but you can start your preparation for NTSE from 8th class always start from reasoning questions for mat. Students registered themselves For NTSE in class 10th. Because this exam is for class 10th.

Who topped NTSE 2020?

Samyak Jain
Samyak Jain and Animesh Kumar Kha topped the NTSE Stage 1 Delhi chapter in 2020. They spoke to us about their study routine, career plans and tips to crack the national-level scholarship exam.

How can I study NTSE at home?

If you are also looking for NTSE preparation tips in one month, continue reading this blog.

  1. Understand the syllabus.
  2. NTSE 2020 Syllabus.
  3. Check NTSE 2020 Exam Pattern.
  4. Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Study from home.
  6. Take mock tests.
  7. Revise regularly.
  8. Get answers to your doubts.

Is NTSE exam online or offline?

NTSE is only held for 10th standard students and the exam is conducted in two different stages – Stage I and II….NTSE Exam Overview.

Exam Name National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)
Frequency of Exam Once a year
Application Online
Mode of Exam Offline

Can I crack NTSE with self study?

For clearing any exam, a decent amount of self-study is important. It is one of the most basic and important of all the tips to become an NTSE scholar. One should devote at least 3-4 hours to self-learning to crack this competitive exam.

How can I know my NTSE score?

Steps to Check NTSE Stage 1 Result 2021-22

  1. Click the below given state-wise link or visit the official website of SCERT.
  2. Now, select the NTSE section.
  3. Click the link “NTSE 2021-22 Stage 1 result” link.
  4. Check the result pdf file for your roll number and name.

What if I cleared NTSE?

Once you clear NTSE, you get a sum of Rs. 1250 per month for your higher secondary studies and Rs. 2000 per month for your undergraduate and postgraduate levels. You even get financial support in your doctorate level as per the UGC norms.

How can I self study in NTSE?

Follow NCERT books of classes IX and X for NTSE preparation. For some concepts in biology, refer NCERT Class XI Biology textbook (only portions that are relevant to IX and X class curriculum). It’s imperative to thoroughly study the Social Studies NCERT book for NTSE.

Is there interview for NTSE?

There is no Interview in the NTSE Selection. Both Exams have the MAT and SAT section.