Is Worcester a high crime area?

Is Worcester a high crime area?

Worcester had the third-most reported violent crimes in MA in 2020. [behind Boston and Springfield]. There were 3,715 reports of property crime including 2,593 larceny/thefts, 665 burglaries, 448 motor vehicle thefts and nine reports of arson.

Is Worcester MA a safe city?

U.S. News and World Report released its list of Safest Places to Live in the U.S. in 2021-2022. The list includes 25 cities of various sizes, from small (population 50,000 – 500,000) to extra-large (2.5 million and over).

What areas of Worcester are safe?

Here are the Best 5 Neighborhoods in Worcester for Walking:

  • Main Middle – Between Main St.
  • Central Business District – Downtown Worcester near City Hall & Front St.
  • Green Island – Canal District area – Walkscore: 85.
  • University Park – Main South area near Clark University – Walkscore: 84.

How is the crime in Worcester Massachusetts?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Worcester is 1 in 42. Based on FBI crime data, Worcester is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Massachusetts, Worcester has a crime rate that is higher than 97% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

How many murders in Worcester per year?

There were 10 homicides in Worcester in 2020 and 13 in 2019, according to crime statistics compiled by the FBI. There were five homicides in 2018, five in 2017, seven in 2016 and eight in 2015.

Is Worcester a nice place to live?

It’s also a city which consistency ranks highly in surveys for happiness and safety, a testament to its good infrastructure, beautiful landscapes, historic architecture and low crime. Worcester has also played a prominent role in Britain’s history for over two thousand years.

Is it safe to walk in Worcester at night?

There is a risk of armed attacks in Worcester, so walking at night and in low-light areas is not recommended. Also, avoid some disadvantaged areas of the city.

How many murders in Worcester this year?

10 homicides
There were 10 homicides in Worcester in 2020 and 13 in 2019, according to crime statistics compiled by the FBI.

What is Worcester Massachusetts known for?

Architecturally, Worcester is notable for its large number of 19th century triple-decker houses, Victorian-era mill architecture, and lunch car diners such as Miss Worcester. Worcester is the principal city of Central Massachusetts, and is a regional government, employment and transportation hub.

What is Worcester famous for?

The city is best known for its magnificent Cathedral but is also famous for the world renowned Worcester Porcelain, the piquant Worcestershire Sauce and the most picturesque cricket ground in the country. Explore The Commandery to learn about our important role in the English Civil War.

Is Union Hill in Worcester safe?

Union Hill / Oak Hill is a densely urban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Worcester, Massachusetts….

Burglary Index Theft Index Motor Vehicle Theft
100 is safest 100 is safest 100 is safest

Should I move to Worcester MA?

According to recent rankings by Livability, Worcester rates as one of the best cities in Massachusetts in terms of cost of living, good education opportunities, health care and culture.

Is Worcester a good city to live in?

WORCESTER, MA — Worcester is among the best cities in the U.S. to live in 2020, according to rankings released by U.S. News & World Report today. This year’s lists evaluate the 150 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States based on affordability, job prospects and desirability. Worcester ranked No.

Is Greendale Worcester safe?

Not immune to crime Like the rest of Worcester, Greendale isn’t immune to crime. Violent crime in the neighborhood was low in 2021, with no homicides reported and one incident of armed robbery, according to Worcester Police Department figures.

Is Worcester up and coming?

City officials have greenlighted $2.6 billion in recent construction — new housing, as well as retail and restaurant space. And Worcester is finally growing, after losing residents for much of the past century. “Professionally it’s a great place to be.

How many homicides in Worcester 2021?

20. That’s down more than 26% from last year’s total of 53. Also seeing declines were Worcester (seven homicides this year, compared to nine last year) and Springfield (14 this year; 18 last year).