What is SAP CMOD?

What is SAP CMOD?

CMOD is the customer projects where enhancements are implemented. If you want to implement any enhancements then you will create a project and assign the enhancement and do the coding in exits. To customize an existing SAP application we have been provided the user exits by SAP.

What is the use of CMOD?

CMOD is the Project Management of SAP Enhancements (i.e., SMOD Enhancements). SMOD contains the actual enhancements and CMOD is the grouping of those SMOD enhancements. User exits (Function module exits) are exits developed by SAP. The exit is implemented as a call to a function module.

How do I check my CMOD in SAP BW?

Method 1:

  1. Go to transaction code CMOD. There on the menu bar you will find Utilities.
  2. On clicking on SAP enhancements you will be taken to a new window “Repository Info system:Find Exits”. Simply click on execute or press F8.
  3. On clicking on execute you will get the entire List of standard SAP exits as follows:

What is customer exit variable?

The customer exit is designed as an enhancement which can be configured with customer specific logic. All variable types like characteristic value variables, hierarchy node variables, hierarchy variables, formula variables and text variables can be processed using the Customer Exit processing type.

How do I activate a project in CMOD?

Give the project name in CMOD and application tool bar you can see the Activation button and select it . it will activate your project.

What is difference between customer exit and user exit?

User exit is considered a modification and not an enhancement because we are changing the existing code. A customer exit is considered an enhancement because we are adding additional functionality to the existing one..not changing any thing. You need Access Key for User Exit.

How do I create an enhancement in CMOD in ABAP?

Go to transaction CMOD. Create a project called ZVA01. Choose the Enhancement assign radio button and press the Change button.

What is the difference between a User Exit and Badi?

User exit uses Function modules to hook up your enhancement logic. BADI on the other hand uses ABAP OO techniques, meaning instead of using function module, this time you uses method to hook up your enhancement.

What is difference between customer exit and User Exit?

What is the difference between a user exit and Badi?

What is the difference between kernel Badi and classic Badi?

Apart from Classic BADI’s which are been called by Proxy class cl_exithandler, Kernel BADI’s are called directly with the reference to the BADI definition via GET BADI and CALL BADI statements. That is one of the reasons why Kernel BADI is faster than classic BADI.

What is FallBack class in Badi?

The dictionary meaning for fallback is ‘an alternative plan that may be used in an emergency’. That’s what exactly the fallback class is meant for. Fallback class comes into picture when there is no active implementation exists for the BADI. In such case the code in fallback class’s method executes.

Why kernel Badi is faster than classic Badi?

How to implement function module in CMod?

Go to the Components screen (where the available customer exits are displayed). Double click on the one you want to implement. Now the function module is displayed, double click on the include ZX…, SAP displays a warning that this include will be created Activate the include program. Go back to CMOD and activate the project.

What is the Badi method in SAP?

This BADI method provided an additional option to enhance standard functionality along with EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001. With the introduction of SAP BW4/HANA, Enhancement spot is the only option because EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001 is no longer supported.

How do I create a sales order in CMod?

Insert the following code into the include: E_KUNNR = ‘2155’. Activate the include program. Go back to CMOD and activate the project. Go to transaction VA01 and create a salesorder.

What are customer exits in SAP BW?

Customer exits are possibilities provided by SAP to customize and enhance standard functionality to address business requirements. Until the release of SAP BW 7.3, customer exit function for variables were programmable in transaction code CMOD (Customer Exit) under function module EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001 (Exit RSR00001).