Where can I find a green chocobo?

Where can I find a green chocobo?

Green chocobos can use Choco Cure to heal allies. Along with the other types of chocobo, they only appear in Midlight’s Deep.

Where to get Gysahl greens Ffxiii 2?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gysahl Greens can be bought from Chocolina the merchant in the Bresha Ruins -005 AF- and are used to ride chocobos. While only one is needed to ride yellow chocobos, other breeds consume greens while riding, and throw the player off if they run out.

Where can I get a silver chocobo Ffxiii 2?

Silver Chocobo (銀チョコボ, Gin Chokobo?) is a recruitable monster from Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is obtained by throwing Mog (with the “Improved Moogle Throw” Fragment Skill turned on) at the Bhunivelze’s hologram image in the Academy headquarters in Academia -4XX AF- and can also be dropped by Valfodr Lv.

Where do I get Chocobo greens ff7?

the Chocobo Ranch
The Greens can only be obtained from Clasko at the Chocobo Ranch, and are free.

Where can I buy Gysahl Greens in Gridania?


Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Maisenta New Gridania (11.5, 11.2) 36
Merchant and Mender Central Shroud (21.8, 21.1) 36
Merchant and Mender The Peaks (19.6, 11) 36
Merchant and Mender The Fringes (8.7, 10.9) 36

How do you say Gysahl Greens?

It should be Gee-sarl or Guy-sahl? The h is subtle, like cool whip.

What are the best Greens for Chocobo?

Sylkis Greens are the best greens, and boost the chocobos’ stats the most, but are also the most expensive, only available to buy from Chocobo Sage. However, Sylkis Greens (like all greens) can be duplicated with the W-Item duplication bug.

Can you harvest Gysahl Greens?

Thankfully, getting Gysahl Greens is fairly easy, as you can purchase them from a wide variety of vendors, and if you or your Free Company owns a property, you can grow and harvest them, as well.

Where can I buy Gysahl Greens Roarich?

Roarich is a male Hyur vendor. He is located in the Ruby Road Exchange in Ul’dah….Items.

Item Price ( )
[Gysahl Greens] 36
18px [Cherry Bomb] 2,400
18px [Mammet #001] 2,400
18px [Wayward Hatchling] 2,400

Where can I find the Green chocobos?

The Green Chocobo is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It can be recruited for use in the Paradigm Pack as a Medic, and in the chocobo races in Serendipity .

What is a green chocobos ability?

The Green Chocobo is a Medic that learns every Medic ability a monster is capable of learning, except for Esuna and Esunada (as Curaja is a hidden ability), and learns its abilities early on in its development.

How do I beat the Green Chocobo?

The Green Chocobo can inflict Debrave and Defaith with Supersonic Wave, and buff itself with Protect and Shell. If the battle takes too long, it will flee by using Choco Dash. A good tip is to pay attention to the chocobo’s movements in battle, as right before they flee they will turn around and shake their rear.

How often do Green Chocobos appear?

Note 1: The Green Chocobo appears all over the map – not just on the right side of the crack. Note 2: if 5 minutes go by without you encountering a green chocobo, exit the map and re-enter. Somethings wrong. It should appear once roughly every 10 encounters. The problem is getting the “catch” not getting the encounter.