Where is the profile manager in Firefox?

Where is the profile manager in Firefox?

Manage profiles when Firefox is open Type about:profiles into the address bar and press the Enter key. This will open the About Profiles page, where you can view, create and manage your Firefox profiles. Note: The Root Directory stores user profile data such as bookmarks, passwords and preference settings.

How do I open Thunderbird profile manager on Mac?

Open the Terminal application, then type ” /Applications/Thunderbird. app/Contents/MacOS/thunderbird-bin -ProfileManager ” and press Return.

Where are Firefox profiles stored Mac?

Click the Finder icon in the dock. On the menu bar, click the Go menu, hold down the option or alt key and select Library. A window will open containing your Library folder. Open the Application Support folder, then open the Firefox folder, and then the Profiles folder.

How do I use Thunderbird profile manager?

Use the Profile Manager to move your profile

  1. Close Thunderbird.
  2. Copy the profile folder to where you want to store it.
  3. Start the Profile Manager.
  4. Click on the “Create Profile…” button.
  5. In the dialog that opens, enter a descriptive name for the profile.
  6. Click on the “Choose Folder…” button.

How do I open an old Thunderbird profile?

Copy your old profile to the directory where your current profile is stored. See https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/using-multiple-profiles to switch to your old profile OR edit ‘profiles. ini’ to change the ‘Path’ to the name of your old profile. Restart Thunderbird.

Where is Thunderbird profile on Mac?

Find a Thunderbird Profile on a Mac On the menu bar, select the Go menu. Press and hold the Option key, then select Library. Open the Thunderbird folder, then open the Profiles folder. Your profile folder is within this folder.

How do I restore my old Firefox profile?

Restoring a profile backup

  1. Click the Firefox menu and select Exit. Click the Firefox menu at the top of the screen and select Quit Firefox.
  2. If your existing profile folder and profile backup folder have the same name, simply replace the existing profile folder with the profile backup, then start Firefox.

Where is profile manager on iPad?

You can see the profiles you have installed in Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. If you delete a profile, all of the settings, apps, and data associated with the profile are also deleted. Helpful?

How do I import an old profile into Thunderbird?

How do I restore my Firefox profile on Mac?

Locate your profile folder, as explained above. Close Firefox (if open): Click the Firefox menu Fx57Menu and select Exit. Go to one level above your profile’s folder, i.e. to %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ Right-click on your profile folder (e.g. xxxxxxxx. default), and select Copy.

How do I import bookmarks from old Firefox profile?

Open the backup folder, locate that file, and ”’Copy”’ it to your new profile ”’as is”’. If asked, overwrite the current file. A JSON backup file from the “Bookmarkbackups” folder in the “Old Firefox Data” folder would need to be restored ! Import is for use with bookmarks.

What is a Firefox profile manager?

Profile Manager – Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles Firefox saves your personal information such as bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences in a set of files called your profile, which is stored in a separate location from the Firefox program files.

What can I do with Profile Manager?

You can use Profile Manager to quickly configure large numbers of devices with the settings, apps, and books your organization requires. Manage settings and policies Profile Manager creates and distributes a configuration profile.

What can I do with multiple profiles in Firefox?

You can view previously viewed web pages and experiment with your profile. When you have multiple profiles, this option tells Firefox what to do at startup: If you check this option, Firefox will automatically load the selected profile at startup. To access other profiles, you must start the Profile Manager first.